Home Appraisals

For every Buy / Sell / Refinance transaction of your home, an Appraisal Report from a licensed real estate appraiser to determine the Appraised Value of the property is an absolute necessity, protecting the interests of the Seller (or Refinancer), the Buyer and the financial institution involved in the lending process. Such an Appraisal Report from an experienced independent unbiased real estate appraiser with thorough knowledge of the current market conditions in the neighborhood of the property becomes the foundation for all negotiations, terms and conditions and the final purchase price of the property. While the Seller or their Real Estate Broker could potentially set a different Listing Price of the property as its Fair Market Value, the Buyer and/or the financial institution may choose to negotiate at the Appraised Value of the property instead.

At One Appraisal Group we are a growing network of seasoned real estate appraisers serving Southern Arizona, Southern California and Wisconsin and attracting other appraisers from other states in the country. The purpose of our group is to provide our home appraisal expertise all over the country and make it easier for our referral partners, homeowners and homebuyers to find a qualified real estate appraiser in the neighborhood. With a strict set of qualifying criteria to be included in our network our appraisers always strive to provide the most well researched, unbiased and accurate Home Appraisal Report for your property protecting the financial interests of all parties involved in the real estate transaction.

We encourage you to browse through this site to become familiar to the high quality home appraisal service that our appraisers provide and reach out to us to fulfill your real property appraisal needs.

Types of Appraisals
  • Primary and secondary mortgages
  • Refinance
  • Divorce Appraisals
  • Estate Appraisals
  • Litigation
  • Homeowner (FSBO and PMI removal)
  • FHA
  • Loss Mitigation
  • REO
  • Assessment Challenge
  • Desktop and Field Reviews
  • Preliminary research and consulting assignments
About Us

Testimonials from our valued clients about our real estate appraisal services say it all about our professionalism, integrity, reliability, quality and accuracy of our home appraisal reports. We understand the importance of an accurate Appraisal Report in a real estate buy / sell / refinance transaction and hence we take every case with the same level of seriousness and diligence. Regional and local focus of all appraisers at One Appraisal Group ensures our knowledge of current market conditions in your neighborhood and what Sellers, Buyers and Refinancers are looking for. This enables us to appraise your property independently and without bias to provide you with the most accurate Appraisal Report. We evaluate and consider every possible factor that could affect the Appraised Value of your property so that you can confidently priced with your Buy, Sell or Refinance transaction.

We have built our reputation on trustworthiness, thoroughness and accuracy of our reports and have gained the confidence of real estate brokers, agents, financial institutions, local government agencies, local chambers of commerce private parties and even repeat clients who continue to refer new clients to us. Whatever your purpose is to get your real property appraised we can offer our expert assistance and deliver your Appraisal Report see sample on time with a comprehensive analysis and high degree of accuracy.

One Appraisal Group is a growing network of top rated real estate appraisers in Arizona and California - we are expanding to other States to provide more local and regional real estate appraisal expertise all over the country. If you are a real estate appraiser with the required credentials, we welcome you to reach out to us with a request to join our growing network. We often get clients looking for appraisers that may be currently outside our areas of service and perhaps we could refer those clients to you if you are serving that area. When we find a good match of your objectives and our growth objectives we would love to have you join our network to server clients nationwide.

Meet Our Team

Michael Roedl

Service Area: Arizona & Wisconsin

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Service Area: Arizona

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Service Area: San Diego, California